One Cloud- Slushy- 120ml




Red Slushy- An amazingly sweet mixture of icy plump and juicy berries- 120ml/3mg

Purple Slushy- An unexpected fruit forest mix with a sweet mulberry icy flavor-120ml/3mg

Green Slushy- A delightful honeydew and sweet earthy black currant iced juice-120ml/3mg

Yellow Slushy- Sweet and Juicy mangoes with pine-nuts blended into a delicious iced slushy-120ml/3mg

Pink Slushy- a delicious fizzy lemonade drink crushed with ice into a refreshing pink slushy-120ml/3mg

Blue Slushy-sweet blackcurrant and blue raspberries mixed into a juicy iced slushy-120ml/3mg

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Red Slush Crush, Purple Slush Crush, Green Slush Crush, Yellow Slush Crush, Pink Slush Crush, Blue Slush Crush, Honey "O" Cereal


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