One Cloud Ind- 30ml MTL




Ulti Mango MTL- A delicious sweet mango juice (hint of ice)- 30ml/12mg

Plush Fruit Cocktail MTL- A combination of guava, peach, grapes, pineapple, strawberry, berries, and cherries punched into a great tasting cocktail (hint of ice)- 30ml/12mg

Black Lychee- a perfect combination of juicy blackcurrants and sweet lychee (hint of ice)- 30ml/12mg

Choccinno- Chocolate Cuppacinno-30ml/12mg

Kiwi Apple Ice- Juicy iced apples and kiwi–30ml/12mg

Cherry Blast- the name says it all- A blast of cherry!!- 30ml/12mg


*Certain e-liquids may contain ice

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Ulti Mango MTL, Plush Fruit Cocktail MTL, Black Lychee, Choccinno, Kiwi Apple Ice, Cherry Blast


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